It’s time for an update on the bump.  To be honest, I haven’t done one of these since we announced because I felt a little silly posting about something that wasn’t really visible. I regret it a little bit because it’s fun to have a personal journal of this entire process. I also didn’t want to say much until we had our 20 week anatomy scan. Call me superstitious, nervous, etc.., but I needed that reassurance that she was growing and making the right progress so far. I can’t tell you how excited I am that we are over half-way there!

*She’s kinda making an appearance in this picture. I took this right after lunch, so some of it is the giant sandwich I had right before. I’m still getting that side-eye look from people who are trying to figure out, ‘Is that a bump or what?”

How far along are you? I’ll be 23 weeks on Sunday. She is currently the size of a coconut.

Any Cravings? Early on, I was constantly thirsty for water and I LOVED oranges before bedtime. Right now, this girl is taking after my side of the family and making me crave sweets. I am obsessed with Hostess powered sugar donuts at the moment. While they are absolutely terrible for me and I limit myself, I can’t help but have a small reward after a workout at the gym. It’s all about balance, right?

How are you feeling? Honestly, my energy level is pretty much back to normal and I am returning to my night owl routine. I don’t require the afternoon naps as much. Sleeping isn’t as fun, but this pillow has helped tremendously. I like that it forms to the front of me versus on my backside. The material in the middle is not as thick as it is at the top and bottom, so you don’t feel like you are sleeping with a giant inner tube! Sleeping on my side has been a major adjustment because I am normally a stomach sleeper.

I’ve been feeling a little nervous because my doctor told us last week that she is having a baby at the beginning of March and will not be returning to the practice. She is having her third child and her husband just received a major promotion in Auburn, AL. We are super excited for her, but are sad to see her go. She has been absolutely amazing throughout this whole process. She gave us several recommendations within the practice, so we will need to make a decision soon!

Have you picked a name? We are coming close! We are narrowing down a middle name at the moment. However, since we found out the gender early on, I think we are going to keep her name a secret until she arrives! In the meantime, we call her “Pea”… Ben has always called me Sweet Pea for some reason. The song is his ringtone on my phone. So, it only felt fitting to call this little growing girl, Pea, until she gets here.

Purchases for Pea- We just started shopping for the nursery this week. Stay tuned for more details! We are going in a little bit of a different direction than I originally thought I would go, so I am really keeping my fingers crossed it all turns out perfectly. Decorating a nursery has been MUCH harder than decorating the rest of my home. I’m horrible with decisions and second-guess everything. We decided on this stroller and will eventually use some Christmas gift cards to get this car seat. Over the holiday break, I bought these Belly Buds out of curiosity. It’s really neat to see that she actually does move around a lot when I put on some mellow tunes in the evening. I’ve tried everything from Mozart to dance music. She seems to move the most when any Nora Jones song comes on. Guess she’s already starting her favorite playlist! I need to start shopping for a few newborn and 0-3 months clothes. What are your favorites? Help me get started!

Maternity Purchases- Thank goodness for ASOS maternity! I bought this three-pack of maternity tanks and this cami. The cami is sold out now, but I’m sure it will restock soon. I’ve been lucky that these pre-maternity jeans still fit and are amazing! The waistband has some stretch, so that’s why they’ve been able to stick with me this long. I also purchased these super cheap maternity jeans and this distressed pair for days when I want mega comfort/room and LOVE them!!!! Other than that, I’ve been wearing oversized sweaters and cardigans. It’s pretty easy when it’s cold outside to dress the bump. I’ve been taking these prenatal vitamins and these throughout my whole pregnancy and can’t recommend them enough (thanks to Ashley from Turquoise & Teale).

I’d love to hear any tips or advice on preparing for Pea at this stage. What are some things you did or wish you had done at the half-way point? I’m all ears!

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