It’s been a while since I posted on this little blog. For a while there, my blog had so many formatting issues that I didn’t know where to begin. So I didn’t begin at all. I just left it alone and ignored my blog. Thankfully, Pipdig came to the rescue and not only provided me with an awesome new layout, but included installation and loads of extra help + guidance throughout the transition. I am beyond happy with the new look of my blog. Pipdig made it so much easier to post and navigate on this little space on the web.

Here are a few things that I have picked up lately and LOVE.

·The perfect neutral lip for everyday. Gives you a natural, rosie look.

·Grabbed this ivory berry boxwood wreath at Target for Lawren’s play kitchen. Excited to hang it on the cabinet door with red ribbon.

·My most favorite suede loafer! I own them in 4 colors. I snagged this gray pair during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. They go with EVERYTHING! Previous year style found here at Nordstrom Rack.

·The most adorable Madewell sweater! Saw this on Liz Adams of Hello Adams Family and immediately ordered it!

·A cozy, very affordable fair isle sweater for those days where you just want to be comfortable. I wore this one with these jeans to work and immediately wanted more sweaters in this fabric!

·Last, but not least, a festive headband for the season! I grabbed this one to go with the Madewell Bobble Cardigan. After the holiday season, I’ll switch the festive accessory out for this leopard piece to pair with the cardigan.

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