I’ve rounded up a few of my most favorite items that I have purchased over the past few weeks. Yes, they are all items that I now own and absolutely love.

*J.Crew striped top: I recently purchased this one when it was 30% off and an additional 20% off when I used my J.Crew card. Love this with a sleeveless cardigan type vest over it for now and with white jeans this spring.

*Glycolix Treatment Pads: India Armory recommended these in her stories one week. They can be purchased off Amazon, so it made it way too easy not to try them. They burn like hell when you use them, but they definitely make your face feel cleaner, brighter, and smoother. I went with the 15% treatment, but you can definitely go more or less- whatever is most comfortable for you!

*Revision Hydrating Serum: Skin by Blair (the hottest Aesthetics PA in Charlotte right now) says that we all need a good retinol, vitamin C, and hydrating serum in our routine. I hopped on the bandwagon with this particular retinol (go easy with this one- whoa!), this vitamin C oil (pricey, but worth it- others just don’t do the trick), and this Revision Hydrating Serum. And yes, I can most definitely say that I see a difference. My “Covid made me age 10 years” face is starting to look a little younger.

*Cupcakes and Cashmere Planner: A good price and perfect lay out for those who don’t like the overwhelming daily task list in every box. This one has a weekly task list, so you can take your time throughout the week getting everything done.

*Personalized Travel Jewelry Case: My parents gave this to me for Christmas and I am loving it! It is embossed with my initials and would make a very special gift.

*Rattan Tray: Love this to hold snacks, lay out utensils for a dinner party, or to have on display. It is made of natural rattan, so don’t expect perfection in it’s structure. For the pricepoint, I’m very excited about it!

*Marble Wine Coaster: When we got our new countertops installed, I was a nervous wreck every time Ben opened a wine bottle. Yes, the countertops are not supposed to stain, but I’m not the gambling type. I ordered two of these for peace of mind when those bottles begin to dribble down the sides from an overzealous pour.

*Amazon Turtleneck Sweater: Simple, easy to throw on and good quality. I own this in navy and a mauve-pink.

*Coffee Table Books: I love a book with a good cover for displaying. I tend to go with classy neutrals. Double points if the contents inside are just as good. These two books are by far my favorite coffee table books- More Beautiful and The Beauty of Home.

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