We’re having a baby GIRL!

For those of you who have said it’s the hardest secret to keep when you’re expecting, you were right! A few weeks ago, we were finally able to announce that we are expecting a baby GIRL May 2018. It’s been a long time coming and we could not feel more fortunate and excited to be able to share the news. It’s the main reason I went M.I.A after the summer from blogging and posting on Instagram. I had zero energy left after teaching Kindergarten each day. I was also afraid I’d give away a clue or hint. Being a little bit older and expecting, I wanted to make sure everything was okay and the timing was just right! It feels so good for the secret to be out!

A few questions we’ve been asked:

Did you have a feeling you’d have a girl? Truth be told, we were almost certain we would have a boy. Being a teacher, I envisioned one day having my own “Henry and Mudge.” If you aren’t familiar with that children’s book series, they are cutest stories about the adventures of a little boy, Henry, and his very large dog, Mudge. Since we are more than obsessed with our dog, I just knew I’d be a boy mom watching a little boy roll around with Crew in the backyard. Much to our surprise, we are being blessed with a little girl and I can’t wait to start shopping!

How have you been feeling? Any cravings? The first trimester was a bit tough. I’m definitely a Type A person, who likes to be in control of situations. Those first three months I had to let go of ANY control and just rest. I was fortunate not to get sick, even though I thought it would make me feel better. I took napping to a whole new level. As for cravings, thank goodness for Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits in the morning to help me get through work without feeling nauseous. If this little girl arrives wanting a biscuit, I’ll know why! We’ve scaled back on those big time now that we are in the second trimester! Other than loving a juicy orange in the afternoon, I am pretty much back to normal when it comes to eating.

Have you bought anything yet for the baby? Not really. I didn’t want to start shopping too soon. We’ve definitely been looking around, but nothing major. I’m a bit superstitious and wanted to make sure everything continued to be okay. After the holidays, I think Ben and I will begin mapping out a plan for the nursery and creating a registry. The planner in me is going nuts!

Don’t worry- I’ll try not to overload you with pregnancy posts and baby updates. Currently, I’m 17 weeks and there isn’t even much of a bump to share. It just looks like I’ve been eating too many desserts. I have a feeling that will change any day now. Thanks for sharing in our excitement! Continued prayers are greatly appreciated for the arrival of healthy baby girl!

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